I'm drawing, I swear

2017-05-08 23:21:12 by romanlo

Seriously I'm painting and drawing, for improve .0w0

It's time to start over

2017-04-15 14:56:44 by romanlo

 think that practicing in traditional would help me in the digital, in part, that was it, but I must balance both, and I have neglected the digital art, if I want to be professional in this I must be Good in both.

However I created a new topic in newgrounds where I upload my practices, later I will work on my own works and upload it in my gallery, sincermenete I hope all this I say realmenete do, uwu

Because it is difficult to decide to study this, although I love to illustrate, I love to draw, I love to paint, my future in this is uncertain ....


Puff ... how much time

2017-01-29 14:38:01 by romanlo

Well, I decided to leave the community for a while, to improve, but I've come back (, but no one is going to make my absence, jajja xp)

hello newgrounds

2015-05-04 18:21:21 by romanlo

first of all I give thanks to you it (you must be difficult to read that you think are unimportant letters). well after a small problem I had to cut my projects I feel .pues drawing and later a month since I upload my drawings, so much so that two of my drawings that should be of such a day, they were 2,000 years later (well maybe 2000 hours) because my computer did not do what it should do.

made this is my first post, I will tell the story of how newgrounds enter:

It all started with my tendency to create a video game, I wanted to create a game, and even form a small group, but apparently none of them fulfilled what I wanted, because they did not have the urge to create something. I get discouraged and decided to take the project on my own. but I realized that if I wanted to make a video game was to learn how to animate and encourage draw. Now my goal is to be a better artist learning from others, and watching the wonderful creations that are and newgrounds, because someday maybe spend vocation .aun me as I wish to create a video game but now I consider this as a consequence my job.
on the animation ,  if you want to learn you I have.

sometimes another little thing I wrong to write the English I get confused with the Spanish , which is my native language.